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Between educational seminars and evening network dinners, Visit Anchorage invites you to see Alaska! Space for each sightseeing tour is limited, so please only register for one. You will register for both your sightseeing tour and educational outing at the same time using the link below.

Friday, March 20, 2020 | 11 a.m.-4 p.m.  |  REGISTER

Drop-dead Gorgeous
Cruise down one of North America’s top 10 scenic highways and follow the Chugach Mountain range as it teeters above the waters of the Cook Inlet, where Captain James Cook sailed in search of finding the Northwest Passage. Watch for beluga whales, moose, Dahl sheep, and bald eagles. At the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, you can easily photograph all of Alaska’s charismatic megafauna (and you’ll learn the names and history of each of the local animals from the wildlife interns). Explore Portage Valley, home to several of the 60-plus glaciers that surround Anchorage. Enjoy a mountain-top lunch at Alyeska Resort, accessed via a seven-minute tram ride to the top of Mount Alyeska.

Prince William Sound – Vessel for Adventure
Lazy Otter Charters and Tours will take you aboard after your scenic one-hour coach ride from Anchorage along the Turnagain Arm and through the famous Whittier Tunnel (once the longest tunnel in the world). Your exploration of Prince William Sound’s gateway will include a visit to Blackstone’s tidewater glacier. You’ll look for marine mammals like Steller sea lions, harbor seals, orcas, eagles, otters, and maybe a black bear on the beach! Icebergs will crackle and pop as the boat glides near the glacier face. Don’t dilly-dally—the tunnel opens for just 15 minutes to return to Anchorage!

Matanuska Glacier Walk  |  FULL
Blue ice and crampons … are you ready to walk on a glacier and peer into a crevasse? This tour is for those seeking adventure, and you’ll also get a lot of Alaska history, with great stops along the way exploring the Matanuska Valley, where Depression-era families were given a “new deal” in Alaska that included 40 acres and a barn. The area is now a fertile, fast-growing community of agriculture and innovation. Your guide will get you suited up for a walk on the ice with helmets, ice axes, and crampons. Your selfies will be epic!

Go Hike Alaska with Matt!  |  FULL
The Chugach Range offers unsurpassed hiking in all seasons, and Matt is your handsome, sturdy, (married) knowledgeable guide to Anchorage’s favorite playground. It is a real hike/snowshoe (depending on the trail conditions) of two to three hours with amazing views, flora and fauna, and snacks—all with Matt and his amazing beard leading the way. To participate, you should be able to easily walk two to three miles. You’ll enjoy wholesome adventure and plenty of clean Alaskan air, and you might return as an even better version of yourself!

Anchorage Retail Therapy
Learn what the local art is and find out where to buy it in Anchorage. You can lunch with the cool kids, get the inside story, and buy the item that is more than simply a souvenir of your visit. Visitor statistics say that when the tough go to Alaska, they shop in Anchorage. (Bring the credit card your partner doesn’t know about.) Prepare to have a good time and leave some money in the 49th state!

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